K-UH1508D-45 Dual Function Embroidery Machine From SWF

We love our technology here at Concept PM and in promotional merchandise and work wear circles nothing quite matches the K-UH1508D-45 Dual Function Embroidery Machine from SWF, a piece of kit we are lucky to have not one of but three on site!

Simply put this machine is a beast! Both in terms of output potential and as a feat of pure engineering which makes it one of the most advanced embroidery machines on the market today.

In terms of raw power it has a 2 motor system which when operating at full tilt produces up to 1500 rpm per machine head.  This power gives it a significant advantage over most other machines and when operating at capacity an output XXX of garments per hour.

Not only that, but its unique split design gives the operator the option of running the machine as one 8 head system or a split 4 head, meaning the same machine can be running two separate designs at the same time giving it vastly superior flexibility.

Its other features include a 3.5 million stitch memory, a store of 100 different designs all controlled by a 10.4 inch LCD display installed into the machine itself.

All of this makes it a truly impressive piece of machinery and one that plays a vital role in our operations giving us the flexibility to run orders of different sizes and type at the same time, getting more products to clients more quickly.

For more information on the SWF embroidery range or this machine in particular follow the link below or watch the video above to get a sense of the sheer power of SWF embroidery machines.


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