Branded Work Wear? So much more than a logo on a shirt…

Imagine you are a small, medium sized business and you’ve got a limited marketing budget for the year or you are a marketing manager who is under pressure from a eagle-eyed finance director who is looking for maximum return on their spend. How do you spend your cash?  Our guess is that your first thoughts aren’t branded work wear. Are we right?  Of course we are, after all how do justify spending a good whack of your budget on personalised jackets to your bosses when it’s hard to measure return or on those hats when you could have invested in some social media ads.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly we hold a different view at Concept Promotional Merchandise and believe that not only should branded work wear have a place within the marketing and promotion of any business, but that it can also bring with it several other intangible benefits that other marketing simply can’t achieve. Intrigued? We hope so.  Read on to see our reasons why branded work wear is about so much more than just a logo on a shirt…


Reason 1: Promotion

It goes without saying that branded workwear promotes your business, but have you ever stopped to think about just how much it does? Consider the maths alone, assuming you wear some form of branded clothing during working hours and when you go out to meet new contacts.  That’s eight hours a day, five days a week, every month.  That’s over 150 hours per month when your brand is visible and being exposed to other people. If marketing is awareness, then branded work wear brings a whole lot of it!


Reason 2: Puts your customers at ease

This is one of those “intangible benefits” we spoke about in the intro and is something that became apparent when speaking to some of our trade customers who regularly visit the homes of customers and clients. From the perspective of the customer branded clothing shows that you are serious, well established and committed.  More importantly its an identifying mark, one that builds trust and credibility in the minds of clients. The result being that they feel safe and that they are in good hands. All good things to make your customers feel!


Reason 3: Fosters Team Spirit & Unity

It’s important to remember that when we talk about branded work wear we are not necessarily talking about a uniform. In some cases, it may be, but, in many others, it may mean something as simple as a warm jacket or fleece for people to wear in the office in the colder months. Regardless of its purpose there’s no doubt that branded work wear can be a unifying force for your team.  There’s a reason Sir Alex Ferguson insisted his players travelled in a suit and red and white tie when playing in European competition.  He understood the power of team spirit and believed that was enhanced when everyone wore the same “brand” and if its good enough for the most successful British football team in the past 50 years, well, who are we to argue….


Concept Promotional Merchandise has extensive experience in advising businesses on branded work wear so if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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