The power of paper

We have a promotion this month for A5 branded notebooks, available in 11 colours.  You might want to take down some notes on this super offer…

  • Choice of 11 colours – White / Silver / Black / Navy / Sky blue / Red / Orange / Yellow / Lime green / Purple / Pink
  • 1 colour print in 1 position
  •  Prices
    • 100 – £2.49 each
    • 250 – £2.25 each
    • 500 – £1.99 each
    • 1000 – £1.89 each
  • Standard set-up and freight charges will apply.

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The power of paper 

In today’s modern world, more and more we see laptops, devices, smartphones and aps recording our notes and thoughts.  How dare you use a pen and notebook to doodle, write to-do-lists, sketch ideas or take notes during meetings!

The power of paper has become diluted as we have become more digitally savvy. However, people like to write, and functional stationery is still a booming market.  There are many who can’t give up their notebook companions.

Benefits of writing with a pen and notebook

Most ideas are generated from someone noting down a concept on a piece of paper and there are so many reasons why people still prefer to write with a pen and notebook.  There are loads of benefits but here are some of our favourites:

  • Enhance your learning – it is a fact that we learn more when we write it down
  • Inspire originality – free your creativity and connect ideas visually
  • Increase focus – aids clarity and is less distracting that digital methods
  • Great for brainstorming – and idea development
  • Improve memory – another fact, if you don’t want to forget, write it down

Branded Notebooks

From our perspective, the traditional branded notebook is still the quickest way to jot down your thoughts, ideas, actions and things to remember.  But it is also one of the best ways to get your brand in front of clients, staff, suppliers and anyone else for that matter!

Branded notebooks are an economical marketing tactic and with the right message, colour and style, can leave that lasting impression. They are also durable and are used every day which means the opportunity to see the brand lasts for months providing cost effective brand exposure.

We all know that people like to receive gifts, but when it is a practical and useful gift that they will use daily, it builds a sense of goodwill, leaving a positive impact increasing the probability that:

  1. They like you
  2. Will remember you
  3. Will do business with you

And that’s why promotional merchandise works!

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