Branded Merchandise. Why Bother?

It goes without saying that at Concept Promotional Merchandise we truly believe in the power of the brand and what branded merchandise can do for a business.  Granted it would be a bit strange if we didn’t but that doesn’t mean that we are wrong!

Indeed, numerous surveys and studies have shown as much including a 2012 survey conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) which showed that 66% of people can recall a business name based on promotional products they had received in the past 12 months. Not only that but over half said their view of the company giving out the gifts improved as a result because let’s face it, who doesn’t love free stuff!

Of course, not everyone is a fan of cold hard statistics, so we’ve put together our own thoughts on why branded merchandise is a positive way to market your business in this new blog.



Ask yourself how many times you have needed a pen in the office, reached into your drawer or desk and picked out a branded one?  Perhaps from a prospect, a supplier or maybe even a rival?  We are speculating a lot and that’s not by accident.  We tend to hold onto things that are useful and branded merchandise tends to fulfil that criteria whether it’s a pen, USB stick or something else. Meaning that long after the event is over, or the meeting is finished, your contact will be reminded of your business.


Trust Building:

Its not rocket science but people tend to trust people or organisations who are open and branded merchandise can be a great first step in this regard.  Proudly displaying your brand or giving it away as part of a gift shows openness and sends a message that yours is a business very much open and welcoming of enquiries and more than that has nothing to hide, which shows integrity which in turn helps build trust.


Bang for buck:

Let’s face it, as business people we are all watching what money goes out the door and unless we can absolutely justify spend on something we’d probably rather keep it in the bank, something that is especially true when it comes to something intangible like brand building. The good news is that branded merchandise tends to cost less on a “per-use” basis than many other forms of marketing and better still it often places your brand right in front of those who you want to do business with.


So next time you are considering a branded merchandise investment remember these 3 points and remember that your brand is an important asset to your business like any other.  Branded merchandise is one thread of this and when executed well can be a factor in business success.

Concept Promotional Merchandise has extensive experience in advising businesses on branded merchandise so if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

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