The power of paper

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The power of paper 

In today’s modern world, more and more we see laptops, devices, smartphones and aps recording our notes and thoughts.  How dare you use a pen and notebook to doodle, write to-do-lists, sketch ideas or take notes during meetings!

The power of paper has become diluted as we have become more digitally savvy. However, people like to write, and functional stationery is still a booming market.  There are many who can’t give up their notebook companions.

Benefits of writing with a pen and notebook

Most ideas are generated from someone noting down a concept on a piece of paper and there are so many reasons why people still prefer to write with a pen and notebook.  There are loads of benefits but here are some of our favourites:

  • Enhance your learning – it is a fact that we learn more when we write it down
  • Inspire originality – free your creativity and connect ideas visually
  • Increase focus – aids clarity and is less distracting that digital methods
  • Great for brainstorming – and idea development
  • Improve memory – another fact, if you don’t want to forget, write it down

Branded Notebooks

From our perspective, the traditional branded notebook is still the quickest way to jot down your thoughts, ideas, actions and things to remember.  But it is also one of the best ways to get your brand in front of clients, staff, suppliers and anyone else for that matter!

Branded notebooks are an economical marketing tactic and with the right message, colour and style, can leave that lasting impression. They are also durable and are used every day which means the opportunity to see the brand lasts for months providing cost effective brand exposure.

We all know that people like to receive gifts, but when it is a practical and useful gift that they will use daily, it builds a sense of goodwill, leaving a positive impact increasing the probability that:

  1. They like you
  2. Will remember you
  3. Will do business with you

And that’s why promotional merchandise works!

Branded Merchandise. Why Bother?

It goes without saying that at Concept Promotional Merchandise we truly believe in the power of the brand and what branded merchandise can do for a business.  Granted it would be a bit strange if we didn’t but that doesn’t mean that we are wrong!

Indeed, numerous surveys and studies have shown as much including a 2012 survey conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) which showed that 66% of people can recall a business name based on promotional products they had received in the past 12 months. Not only that but over half said their view of the company giving out the gifts improved as a result because let’s face it, who doesn’t love free stuff!

Of course, not everyone is a fan of cold hard statistics, so we’ve put together our own thoughts on why branded merchandise is a positive way to market your business in this new blog.



Ask yourself how many times you have needed a pen in the office, reached into your drawer or desk and picked out a branded one?  Perhaps from a prospect, a supplier or maybe even a rival?  We are speculating a lot and that’s not by accident.  We tend to hold onto things that are useful and branded merchandise tends to fulfil that criteria whether it’s a pen, USB stick or something else. Meaning that long after the event is over, or the meeting is finished, your contact will be reminded of your business.


Trust Building:

Its not rocket science but people tend to trust people or organisations who are open and branded merchandise can be a great first step in this regard.  Proudly displaying your brand or giving it away as part of a gift shows openness and sends a message that yours is a business very much open and welcoming of enquiries and more than that has nothing to hide, which shows integrity which in turn helps build trust.


Bang for buck:

Let’s face it, as business people we are all watching what money goes out the door and unless we can absolutely justify spend on something we’d probably rather keep it in the bank, something that is especially true when it comes to something intangible like brand building. The good news is that branded merchandise tends to cost less on a “per-use” basis than many other forms of marketing and better still it often places your brand right in front of those who you want to do business with.


So next time you are considering a branded merchandise investment remember these 3 points and remember that your brand is an important asset to your business like any other.  Branded merchandise is one thread of this and when executed well can be a factor in business success.

Concept Promotional Merchandise has extensive experience in advising businesses on branded merchandise so if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

Branded Work Wear? So much more than a logo on a shirt…

Imagine you are a small, medium sized business and you’ve got a limited marketing budget for the year or you are a marketing manager who is under pressure from a eagle-eyed finance director who is looking for maximum return on their spend. How do you spend your cash?  Our guess is that your first thoughts aren’t branded work wear. Are we right?  Of course we are, after all how do justify spending a good whack of your budget on personalised jackets to your bosses when it’s hard to measure return or on those hats when you could have invested in some social media ads.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly we hold a different view at Concept Promotional Merchandise and believe that not only should branded work wear have a place within the marketing and promotion of any business, but that it can also bring with it several other intangible benefits that other marketing simply can’t achieve. Intrigued? We hope so.  Read on to see our reasons why branded work wear is about so much more than just a logo on a shirt…


Reason 1: Promotion

It goes without saying that branded workwear promotes your business, but have you ever stopped to think about just how much it does? Consider the maths alone, assuming you wear some form of branded clothing during working hours and when you go out to meet new contacts.  That’s eight hours a day, five days a week, every month.  That’s over 150 hours per month when your brand is visible and being exposed to other people. If marketing is awareness, then branded work wear brings a whole lot of it!


Reason 2: Puts your customers at ease

This is one of those “intangible benefits” we spoke about in the intro and is something that became apparent when speaking to some of our trade customers who regularly visit the homes of customers and clients. From the perspective of the customer branded clothing shows that you are serious, well established and committed.  More importantly its an identifying mark, one that builds trust and credibility in the minds of clients. The result being that they feel safe and that they are in good hands. All good things to make your customers feel!


Reason 3: Fosters Team Spirit & Unity

It’s important to remember that when we talk about branded work wear we are not necessarily talking about a uniform. In some cases, it may be, but, in many others, it may mean something as simple as a warm jacket or fleece for people to wear in the office in the colder months. Regardless of its purpose there’s no doubt that branded work wear can be a unifying force for your team.  There’s a reason Sir Alex Ferguson insisted his players travelled in a suit and red and white tie when playing in European competition.  He understood the power of team spirit and believed that was enhanced when everyone wore the same “brand” and if its good enough for the most successful British football team in the past 50 years, well, who are we to argue….


Concept Promotional Merchandise has extensive experience in advising businesses on branded work wear so if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

K-UH1508D-45 Dual Function Embroidery Machine From SWF

We love our technology here at Concept PM and in promotional merchandise and work wear circles nothing quite matches the K-UH1508D-45 Dual Function Embroidery Machine from SWF, a piece of kit we are lucky to have not one of but three on site!

Simply put this machine is a beast! Both in terms of output potential and as a feat of pure engineering which makes it one of the most advanced embroidery machines on the market today.

In terms of raw power it has a 2 motor system which when operating at full tilt produces up to 1500 rpm per machine head.  This power gives it a significant advantage over most other machines and when operating at capacity an output XXX of garments per hour.

Not only that, but its unique split design gives the operator the option of running the machine as one 8 head system or a split 4 head, meaning the same machine can be running two separate designs at the same time giving it vastly superior flexibility.

Its other features include a 3.5 million stitch memory, a store of 100 different designs all controlled by a 10.4 inch LCD display installed into the machine itself.

All of this makes it a truly impressive piece of machinery and one that plays a vital role in our operations giving us the flexibility to run orders of different sizes and type at the same time, getting more products to clients more quickly.

For more information on the SWF embroidery range or this machine in particular follow the link below or watch the video above to get a sense of the sheer power of SWF embroidery machines.

Turn Your Trade Shows Up To 11! Our Top Tips for Exhibition Success

Attending and exhibiting at trade shows is a huge undertaking for any business.  From the logistics to the staffing requirements to setting targets and objectives, the trade show can be a difficult proposition to execute.  The upshot of all the stress and planning that goes into making it happen is that trade shows harness enormous potential for businesses; from meeting new customers, extending existing relationships, showcasing new products to speaking opportunities, the list is endless. Indeed, with the numerous opportunities present at shows many businesses will see a positive return on their initial investment. But that is by no means guaranteed and with stiff competition at every turn it’s the little edges that are going to make a difference.  At Concept we help businesses get ready for trade shows throughout the year, helping them plan promotional drives and giveaways and so in this blog we’ll share with you some top tips from our collective wisdom over the years on how to make sure you do more than just turn up at your next trade show.


Tip 1 – Amplify Your Brand

Rest assured we haven’t gone mad with this first tip, quite clearly a major objective of any trade show participation is to increase your brands visibility.  No, the key word is “amplify” and by that we mean, how long can you ensure your brand is in front of delegates whilst they’re in the exhibition hall? Obviously, there is your stand, maybe you’ve taken an ad out in the show daily but how many times have you seen businesses give away the proverbial USB stick?  We’re guessing quite a lot. Now don’t get us wrong we think USB sticks are a brilliant give away but if your goal is brand visibility at a trade show giving  away USB sticks that delegates will only use after the show is probably not the most effective way.

So, when you are planning your show give away always be thinking about “amplification”.  It could be a branded flag that will help keep groups together when they’re walking the floor. Or a branded lanyard or even a branded bag so that delegates have a place to hold all your competitors USB sticks, who knows.  The point is be creative and amplify!


Tip 2 – Back to School – Uniforms Are Not Such A Bad Idea

Work uniforms are always a contentious topic.  Dependent on the environment they may be essential (think retail, food stores) but on the other hand they may counter-productive – think creative marketing agencies forcing employees to wear a stiff shirt and tie.

One place where they are often under used and potentially most beneficial however is the trade show.  If the trade show is all about amplifying your brand as we say above, then having your staff manning the stand or wandering the floor in branded clothing is the ideal way to do it.  Clearly, we’re not suggesting important meetings be attended to in bright polo tops but as with most things in life a balanced approach is usually the best one.


Tip 3 – Welcome People to Your Booth Like You Would Your Home

Depending on the show your booth could be base camp for your team for at least a few days or in some cases a whole week.  That’s a fair amount of time to spend in one place and as the week goes on its not uncommon for unruly food wrappers to start appearing in plain sight or for huddles of staff to congregate to chat about last nights Love Island.  Obviously, we’re all human and no one is expecting the booth to look the same on day 4 as it did on show open but if you follow the above mantra and maintain a clean, tidy and welcoming atmosphere throughout then every show will be a success.  After all trade shows are all about meeting new people and contacts and getting people onto your booth is the best way to do that.


Concept Promotional Merchandise has extensive experience in helping businesses prepare for trade shows so if you have any questions or are looking for advice then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

Cut Down On Your Businesses Single Use Plastic With Our Handy Tips

If you have been watching the news lately you may have come across a term that you might not be totally familiar with; single use plastic.  It may sound relatively straightforward but its worth repeating that the term “single use plastic” refers to any plastic item that is used once and then discarded.  And we know what you are thinking?  “I don’t use plastic items once and throw them away, that would be silly!”  Well chances are you do, in fact recent statistics show that in the United States alone, 100 billion plastic bags are made and then thrown away every year, and that’s just a fraction of the some 300 million tonnes of plastic waste that is generated on an annual basis.

Aside from the economic waste, the other reality is that this waste is having devastating consequences on the environment and in particular the sea birds that often end up digesting our discarded plastic. Clearly something has to give and recently we’ve seen companies like Ikea pledge to rid its stores of plastic straws by this October and of all single use plastics completely by 2020.

So, what can the average business do to play its part in the battle against single use plastics?  Well, as it turns out, quite a lot and in this blog, we’ll outline the three key ways (or rather products) where most businesses can make a positive impact in the fight against single use plastics.


Coffee Cups:

Coffee is pretty much a raw material in most businesses product or service and the copious amounts we drink and buy results in 100 billion single use cups being disposed of every year.  The issue with these coffee cups however is less with the actual “cup” which is usually cardboard but more the plastic top.

The solution here is pretty straightforward – re-usable coffee mugs!  And in addition to saving the planet the other good news is that many high street coffee chains now offer discounts for customers brining in their own cups.  Your staff are going to drink coffee regardless so why not give them a great looking branded mug to do that with and save them some money along the way. Not only will the planet thank you, but everyone likes to save money. Everybody wins!


Water Bottles:

As above single use water bottles are a big contributor to the single plastic problem and as with coffee mugs businesses can help by providing staff with re-usable alternatives.  The other pro to this is perhaps not as obvious – hydration.  If you operate an office-based business (or even one that isn’t) hydration is a big challenge for many people.  Re-usable water bottles are often larger in volume and can encourage more water drinking, helping concentration levels and keeping the office healthy!



Sometimes using single use plastic is unavoidable.  One area where that may be is in the packing of products for delivery.  That said there may be alternatives particularly if that packing is bag based where there are many recyclable alternatives now on the market. Its not just bags however, boxes, containers and much more all have recyclable alternatives and at comparable costings to boot.


If you would like advice on how your business could reduce its reliance on single use plastics or about any of the options in this blog, then please do get in touch with us today.

2018 Summer Promotion

The weather outside is sweltering (for a change!) and Summer is well and truly in progress.

So, in celebration of our favourite season Concept PM have put together a fantastic package offer to get your business kitted out for the season with a pack including a cap, t-shirt and water bottle.

All branded and embroidered in a colour of your choice!

– 50 of each  –  £13.95 per pack

– 100 of each – £11.95 per pack

– 250 of each – £10.95 per pack

– 500 of each – £9.95 per pack

Order your bundle today by following the link below. Offer ends 31/08/18.

Prices do not include carriage.  One time embroidery and print set-up fee of £50 applies to each order e.g. an order of 50 packs would carry 1 £50 set-up fee.

Packs are available at lower quantities but may be subject to revised pricing.  Please get in touch to discuss by either calling our office or emailing at

Welcome to Concept Promotional Merchandise

Welcome to Concept Promotional Merchandise, providing the Promotional &  Corporate marketplace with branded clothing, gifts and incentives for all events.

Our comprehensive range of promotional gifts and corporate clothing will meet all your requirements for every event, such as trade exhibitions, sales awards, long service awards and promotional product launches to name a few.

With over 20 years experience in the Corporate Gift industry our wide range of print options, quality of service and unrivalled technical knowledge, ensure that Concept Promotional Merchandise will become a first-class promotional gift partner. Our key range of Corporate Gifts will provide our clients with imprinted Promotional Pens, Drinkware, Golf Products and Corporate Wear  etc.